Thursday, 22 February 2018

This is all about me

Roller coaster recount 2

I could see passengers shaking with fear and i was just scared but think i will be alright 
i was so excited to see how the roller coaster is going to feel when it drops.

I see that the cart in I was sitting in was a very shiny bright kowhai cart it was really cool the it started to judder up towards the peak of the track and i could see the the bright orange stairs and the side ple were rosey red with dots on it, it felt like they choose any colour they felt like it.
Before the  cart was up to the summit i could see the bright blue sky as the below the pretty horizon shiny through. Their were rides so low from the peak i felt tall as the mountain showing bigger from the sun showing its huge shadow. Their  were cars on the parked on the parking lot from down there and up here it look like little tiny ants.

The roller coasters went forward and momentum as the tracks with butterflies in my belly with fast circle as i get so nauseous after a bit, My eyes started to get blurry i couldn't see anything but i could smell something amazing it smell like popcorn and lollies it smell like there were flower growing by my nose it was wonderful i love it . But suddenly the carted went to move and fast it went down it felt like my body drop and feel out it felt weird I didn't like it i could hear screaming as their breath come toward the back of my head it was smell like mint lucky if it was not stinky i will be sick.

Then we went inverted I feel that my belt will come loose that will not be good I hold on so hard my hands become to be sweaty it felt uncomfortable.We twist.We turn.I was so nauseous after we with siede ways i could taste the salty vomit as i scream hard out i just wanted to hop off.

 we hoped of it was so amazing i was shaking with fear i just wanted to go home but at less it was fun i loved it i think i will come back but will i..."NOT!!!"said hiria i think i had to much but had fun as it lasted.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Recount of the softball game

One day it was softball so I rush to school at 8:20 that had to actually had to come at 8:30 but I came early. So I walked down to the hall to get dress into our sports uniform in the bathroom, Then all the boys was taking up the bathroom so I had to go to the other bathroom and got ready excitement but first I was checking I had a hat in searched in my bag but there was nothing their it was just my jacket I But my hat wasn't there but I asked we Miss Ashley and she said"get the one in room 7 in a box that says Miss Ashley stuff"She said.Then we got into our years so the teachers can call the roll for each year, after everything was done ready for us to walk down to dunkirk for our softball game.

we arrived there with everything our bags the headed down to a spot. We put our bags down to wait for our game it took for a wild but our game was at 10:00 now it was around 9:30. year 7&8 their game was up I was cheering for them "I hoped they win"I said. After it was our game up we were versing Pt england the good team but I think we maybe can be the man on this game so we got into a line and walked down to the field.We got to b at first but sadly all of us couldn't play together we had to have three out of the game which was Alyssa, Dwyane and me because I was a bit tired.The game did go good I can example that they were really sweaty and got a lot of people out and had abit of score to make us have a draw that's good lucky they didn't lose but we have to vs them in the finals if we make it.

After we had a little break we some water and food and a lay down for a rest. For a half in hour break we had a pastice throwing and catch mostly we need to learn how to catch to get people out all the year 6 play because the years went off to the play but I didn't feel like to so I had a little sit down.After half in hour it was time to play our 2 game versing stanhope i have luck for us that we are going to win, this time I didn't stay out I hadn't to play because I only play a bit of the 1 game we got ready and went in place we rock paper we the other team and they won and choose to bat. We all was so sweaty because it was pretty hot and we won the score was 11-7 it was a good game then we went back to our bags.

After we all pack up got all our bags and put down the chairs and the sunscreen and took a school photos all together and headed to back to school for a breck to have at the hall for some milk.

It was a very good game we made it to the semifinals 8-2 we won that and the 3th game we won on the finals we didn't win it was Pt england but we came 2th place that really good it was amazing.

Recount of the Rollercoster

One sunny morning it was Jesse and James birthday so we thought  we can celebrate their birthday riding the biggest huge roller coaster for some fun on this wonderful day.

As we walked to the ride we all hopped onto the ride then click our belt on me was so terrified.Then suddenly it magically went forwards up then backward down so I hold on so hard for safely on the other hand Jesse and James were enjoining this ride weirdo's.

On this ride I felt butterflies and goosebumps as the bloody red cart was jittering up I was shaking the whole way up I was in shock I just wanted to get off, the passengers were screaming as their stinky breath slowing come towards me at the back of my head it felt so yucky. I could taste my sweat as it slowly went down on my face also I could taste yummy lovely popcorn it smell like there were flowers were growing around me also hotdog even yummy but suddenly my eyes started to get blurry and my belly started to be sick(nauseous) like my belly was screaming and roaring as the cart started to inverted with wobbly bumpy rails it got me off put.

Finally it was time to hop off I was happy with joy but was whole body was shaking with fear inside of me but outside of me I felt calm and okay at less, Jesse and James were sleeping on the cart silly billy but I felt sick bad then they feel.

I felt so good after the ride it was as cool most of the time but it was so fun I love this day on Jesse and James birthday when it my birthday I really want to go to here on the rollercoaster"you are dreaming you were sacred and I was brave"James said

"so I don't care am going to try and try"Hiria said"
"yea James she is probably braver than you"replied Jesse
"thanks Jesse you are the best"Hiria replied
"ok maybe you have a chance to not be brave but I am saw the bravest"replied James.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

haroua artwork

this is a photo of my group with our artwork of haroua.
this is a video of my group talking about our the 4 haroua words.

Monday, 12 February 2018

first day for kiwi can

Today on the 13th of feb tuesday we were getting ready for kiwi so room 7 walk down stairs heading down to the tamaki primary hall for our first lesson of kiwi can 2018.

Next the new kiwi can teachers they introduce themself “Hello my name is Mr.Matt and my name is Mrs.Latoya”.The new theme for today was positive relationship and the topic was being fair and we talk a lot how to be fair in a positive relationship.After all that we got into a gAme it was called musical bumps what you had to do you had to dance around when the music comes on then you dance for a wild and when the music stops you have to sit down real fast if you are the last one to sit down you are out but i was lucky throughout the game i won both of them we had 2 rounds.

Then Mr.Matt teach us the new catchphrase it was kiwi can says if you arguing sort it out don't shout  just twerk it out so we learnt by a minute it was a cool catchphrase.the next activity was hangman the first thing we needed to do was to spit into 2 groups (boys and girls) how to play you have to think of a word and how many letters are in the word you have to put that many lines and the people sitting down they have to guess.One people from each group had to come up for to write down the word first was hope i was cheering her i think she was a bit shy so cheer on,we got ready putting our hands up saying different letters and the girls got it right it was fair which was the topic for today.throughout the game the girls were the lead so it was the last question we had to get this to win but we try to work it out but the boys got it right first but it was a good game of hangman.

After we we on the last session it was gkq that means (general knowledge questions)we got into 4 groups we the buzzer was turn around and touch the floor quack quack ooooo as a monkey and a duck.we had to cheer for each other”go on you can do this”we shouted and my group with for the win and we got it right which i did get.My group was in the lead it was amazing but it started to be other groups that was okay but we never got the question right but we did sore won “yes”i said in a normal voice.Then we did the amazing catchphrase one more last time of today.

It was amazing i loved the first session on kiwi can it was really fun we play games i haven’t played before but i did play hangman before it was cool i like the new kiwi can teacher they are fun to hang out with.