Tuesday, 19 September 2017

we are learning all about space

we are learning all about space

we are learning all about space

we are learning about space

The zoo trip

yesterday room 1,4,5,6,7,8 went to the zoo to look at the animals the first the thing we went in our groups i my group was lydia,heavni,edith,grace and coralee.we all popped onto the bus to our way for the zoo trip...the best part was when we saw the giraffes the meerkats,lions,elephants,sealions,baboons and also i very loved how we learn facts about the animals we saw on the zoo trip and i was funny when we saw the baboons and their bottom if you didn't know baboons bottoms are pink that so funny right?.The first thing that was amazing was having to take so much photos because i love to hop in photos, if you go to the zoo you will love it.

The weekend at the beach

One delightful day it was a  weekend where  the best thing ever was going to happen we all got to decide where to go in the weekend and we had to vote and it  the best the only best pf the world…”THE BEACH”.So everybody got ready for the fun and awesome where we can have lots of playtime and free time with by yourself and have so space but the best part of all was the slide that the lifeguards build but they didn’t actually build it  they called some builders to build the slide,the builder decorated it and gave has it some orange flames fake ones and it was hollow blue with black on the slide also every kid was waiting and sticking around for the best slide that every was made on the beach.

So the slide was open as the boy smile and started running wait i think i fought to say about the characters in the story my bad so there a nice cheerful boy his name john baker with his 2 brothers and 1 sister also mum and dad they all love the beach and weekend anyway as john baker ran and  ran to slide as fast as he could then the slide close,john baker didn’t know what happen he didn’t like it he was worried for slide weird right being worried for slide that so funny anyway what happen was...someone stole the parts of the slide and no one noticed it was missing and every kid was so unhappy and shock what happen “but it just a slide”john baker sister lucy,john baker was so excited so the only thing every kid did was that sit and play with the water and the sand  it was so boring with no joy and fun in the beach now because with the slide away every kid thing of the beach like a gross dump just because the slide is not here but i think it not going to be ok because the lifeguard they don’t like the slide they had to do the slide but the just chilled having fun and joy.

So has the day went on every kid was just like boring kid sitting on the sand got nothing to do and looking in the sky with no joy and fun all together.Then as the boring day went on more there were fairies next john baker and it was a bit weird for him because he doesn’t believe in fairies but the said to him to have joy and fun was “do you want to wish for a slide john baker”the fairies says “yes please”,”you just have to wish because you have 3 wishes to take”.”cool” so john baker said he said his wish and he close as saying it and then what happen...that it came true all the kids look up they saw the slide and all was all filled with joy and fun and they all rush to slide and started to have fun of their lifes it was cool and fun for all the kids and john baker didn’t want to tell how he did it so he just enjoy the fun with the other joy kids.

John baker last words was “THIS IS FUN”he shouted in joy and he got the joy and fun altogether and had a happy face all through.